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Why You Need Headshots & How to CRUSH Your Next Session: Tips and Tricks to Take Photos You Will Be Proud to Use!

A headshot is a photographic representation of you, exactly as you are, and it serves as a way to connect with your peers, clients and colleagues. Think about it, when you are picking a new physician, reaching out to others in your field or messaging someone on social media, or heck – even picking a photographer, don’t you want to see their photo? Above connecting with others, photos allow others to trust us before the we have even met.

Photo by Eloise & Peas Photography

So why does everyone hate having headshots taken!?

No one (or very few people) are comfortable in front of a camera. I would say about ninety percent of the people that I have photographed explain to me that they are anxious about how the photos will turn out and that normally they hate photos of themselves. They feel awkward, goofy, dorky, weird, you get the point. As a photographer I totally prefer to be behind the camera as well. In the past, before I became a photographer, I hated all the photos that were taken of me, until I looked at them three years later and thought “wow, I looked good!”

Anyone else do that?

It got me thinking – why can’t I embrace the way I am right now? Why do I need three years to like a photo? Deep down I knew that it came down to vanity, the desire to be a certain size, weight, achieve a certain bronze, perfect my smile, not squint my eyes so much. I would tell myself that when I achieved my goals (some of them literally impossible) I would allow all of the photos to be taken of me and I would like them.

What a load of crap!

The first time I had headshots done I was super nervous and worried about how I would look and already resolved that I would not look “good enough” in most of the photos. I did the session and when I went through the gallery the photos were good and I found ten that worked out for me. I decided when I was looking through those photos that I want to embrace the way I am, and look and feel right now! Life is way too short to pick yourself apart and put yourself down.

Fast forward almost six months when I had headshots and 30th birthday portraits done, I decided I was going to go all in! Laugh my real laugh, smile (my real smile – squinty eyes and all) and have fun! When I went through the gallery I LOVED almost all of the photos! In fact for my golden birthday I was so thrilled with them I posted about 5 on each of my social media pages. What changed that made me love these photos vs my last headshot session? I did! I decided to embrace myself and I love the feeling. There are always going to be photos that you don’t love but I shared that story with you to explain how, in 6 months I went from loving a few photos of myself to loving almost all of them. Read on to learn how you can get the most out of your headshot session with me!

✨ Go ALL in!
Embrace who you are in this exact moment! Have fun! Laugh your real laugh! Embrace the goofy, awkwardness – that’s totally normal! I know there are people out there that admire you, love you as you are. Be your own biggest fan 🙂

✨ Wear something you love!
Tailor your wardrobe to what you want your headshots to say about you. If you are working in business that may mean a business formal or business casual look. If you are a clothing designer that may mean wearing a unique outfit that speaks to your brand. If you are a fitness instructor maybe you choose a super cool athleisure outfit. Whatever you choose, add your flare! Choose a fun accessory to add. Think a tie, watch, statement jewelry, hat etc.

Make sure that you are wearing something that you feel amazing in! If you are worried about your clothing and you feel uncomfortable then that will show in the photos. Don’t try to re-invent yourself in these photos. Be unapologetically you! Your business/clients/friends/whoever these photos are for knows who you are, thats why they chose you to work with/be friends with!

Are you worried about making sure you are choosing clothing that flatters your body? Here are a couple quick tips!

Tips for Men

• Suit coats/fitted jackets are designed to flatter the male figure by accentuating the shoulders and creating a slim waist, based on the jacket chosen you can dress it up or down with the other items that you choose
• Overall, choose clothing that fits properly. Properly fitted clothing – even if it’s a t-shirt go along way in flattering the figure.
• Choose one article of clothing thats your favorite and build your outfit around it.
• Don’t forget accessories: watch, cuff links – whatever makes you, you!

Tips for Women

• Light layers are great! You can pair a flowy loose fitting cardigan over a nice fitted blouse to flatter the arms and allow for fun movement in the photos
• Dresses are great for photos and they are so easy! Pair with a light jacket or cardigan and you are set.
• Whatever you choose make sure that it fits properly. Proper fit goes a long way.
• Pick your favorite piece of clothing and build your outfit around it.
• Don’t forget the accessories: watch, jewelry – whatever makes you, you!

✨ Let that genuine smile out!
During your session when your smile starts to feel a little lack luster, tell yourself a joke, think about something super funny, think about the happiest time in your life so far, laugh, giggle, be goofy! Do it all!

✨ Have fun! This session is for you!

Below I have shared some photos from headshots I have had taken of me as well as a couple birthday session photos. Below each set I discuss what was going on behind the scenes, explain the outfits I chose and how I felt during the session as well as how I feel about these photos!

Headshot Session 1


This first set was the first time I had ever had headshots taken! I was not comfortable in front of the camera and though the photographer was AMAZING and gave great direction I was still nervous and stiff and it shows in the photos. Truth be told in these photos I put together an outfit that I thought would be good for fall photos. I chose a light vest to wear over the buffalo checked shirt so that I could cinch the waist in with the drawstring which I feel like worked. Despite my best attempts to laugh my normal laugh and smile my normal smile I just couldn’t get there. I felt too uncomfortable walking around an outdoor shopping area with a photographer. All in all the session went well and I like these photos.

Headshot Session 2


This set was taken recently, by a different photographer. I found her through instagram and have come to admire her work and style. I was so excited that she was available to do a portrait session for me! Like I mentioned above – I went ALL IN! I decided that I didn’t care if she thought I was weird or goofy for laughing at nothing, giggling at myself etc. I did it and look at these images! The outfit that I chose made a difference as well! This outfit is totally me! My fave jeans a cute sweater tank and my new favorite earrings! These images are me! Though she coached me through the session, similar to the previous photographer, my attitude changed the photos! I also decided that going in I would embrace myself and my body for the way that it is right now, not how I wish it were or hope that it will be, how it is right now! Easier said than done but its so worth it!

Birthday Photo Session 


Now these couple photos are from the part of the session that was geared towards my golden birthday (I turned 30 on 4/30!!!!!), but I wanted to share these to talk about the behind the scenes part of the photo shoot! When I look at these now I imagine my favorite song playing in the background and all of my friends together having a blast when this candid moment was captured, but guess what!? There was no song playing, there was not a huge room of people partying! It was just me and the photographer in a quiet studio. I was laughing, being goofy and popping confetti balloons, basically having my own little party in my head! I distinctly remember when the photo on the left was taken i was thinking to myself – look like the girls do in the make up commercials with their gorgeous lashes, being the star of the show, taking it all in, embracing the confetti falling.


So you may be wondering, what does a headshots session with Jen at J.Kellerhuis Photography look like?

Glad you asked! 📸

The Experience

Before we book the session we will chat a bit about what you are looking for in your photos as well as what you will be using them for. That way I can make sure that I am a good fit for you and also when we get to the session I am able to best serve you!

Once the date is booked we will work on picking a location. I am a natural light photographer and complete my sessions outdoors. I am happy to assist with the location choice or use one that you have in mind!

During the session we will do a combination of tight shots where I am capturing the upper torso and above in the frame as well as some full body photos. While I am capturing these photos I will also be coaching you through poses as well as different expressions for the photos. You may want some that are more serious as well as some that are more happy-go-lucky.

Four weeks from the session date you will receive a Pinterest-style online gallery of retouched high-resolution digital images with the rights to use, share, make unlimited downloads on unlimited devices and print at the place of your choice.

Check out these headshots I did for one of my best friends! She was looking for a new Linked In profile photo to replace the one she was using during undergrad. Mission accomplished!


Want more information or would you like to schedule a session?!
Contact me on my contact page or email me directly at j.kellerhuisphotography@gmail.com. I cant wait to capture some amazing photos for you!

Stay Tuned!