Cushing Memorial Park Extended Family Session

Getting together with the Tabbert Family is always sure to be great and this time was no exception. We had so much fun during our session chasing kiddos, wrangling dogs, fake laughing for the camera and catching up. I am delighted to share these sneak peeks with you!

Cushing Memorial Park Extended Family Session_0003.jpg

First off it must be noted that this was our favorite session yet! As the old saying goes, “third time’s a charm” and boy was that true! This is our third session together and, no doubt, the best weather we’ve had. Our first session in 2019 was indoor with dreary, rainy weather outside. Our second session was a sunny winter day complete with a blue sky, minimal clouds and a below zero wind chill. This time was perfect, blue sky, the right amount of clouds, light breeze and a little too warm. We wouldn’t have changed it.

Cushing Memorial Park Extended Family Session_0002.jpg

The Tabbert’s were the first extended family I photographed and it’s been such a pleasure to continue to capture their family over the years. From our first session to now there has been so much beautiful change. Over the last three years, new degrees have been conferred, new careers started, fur babies adopted, and somewhere along the line Kevin bought a Hellcat.

Cushing Memorial Park Extended Family Session_0005.jpg

Cushing Memorial Park Extended Family Session_0001.jpg

Alongside all of the change there has been a lot of growth, both figuratively and literally. The kids have all matured and physically grown, which is such a wild way to see the effect of time. The oldest kids are in high school. The twins are now in kindergarten and they’re no longer the youngest in the bunch. Baby Peyton was welcomed to the family earlier this year – huge congratulations to Josh and Cassie!

Cushing Memorial Park Extended Family Session_0004.jpg

To the Tabbert’s,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this session for you. I had such a great time with you, as always! It was so nice to get together to share this beautiful day.


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Greenbush Family Session

I was thrilled when this sweet family graciously offered to take time out of their Badger Saturday to do a session with me. They were looking to get a last minute session in to capture their daughter’s newborn essence and this worked out perfect! We got so many amazing photos that I am so excited to show you.

Juniper was born in the height of Strawberry Season. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she’s as sweet as she is. She did so well during our session. Her baby features melt my heart. Her smile is electric. It’s no wonder her parents are so smitten with her. Take a look at this handmade strawberry hat that Jamie’s coworker crafted for Juniper!

Greenbush Family Session 00002.jpg

Having a new baby creates such a unique season of life that deserves to be captured in photos to have for a lifetime. I know I look back on pictures of my husband, LC and I from when we were in that first 12 weeks and am instantly transported back, re-living the beautiful chaos of that time. Now that I can speak from experience I can truly say that the first year is such a blur. New things happen every day and you’re constantly learning about yourself, your partner and your baby. It’s a beautiful time, unlike any other.

During our session we started in their lovely home and moved through their neighborhood to a beautiful park near by. We captured beautiful photos along the way and had a great time together. Our conversation was practically non-stop and effortless. As a huge bonus we had Bear Mound Park all to ourselves. Check out these sneak peeks!

Greenbush Family Session 00011.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00012.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00003.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00004.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00001.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00010.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00005.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00006.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00007.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00008.jpg
Greenbush Family Session 00009.jpg

Jamie and Peter,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this session for you. I had such a great time! It was lovely to meet you both and spend time with Juniper – she is the sweetest thing!


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