McFarland Home Holiday Session

A couple weeks ago, Tom reached out and invited me to the family’s new home for a holiday photo session. When I arrived Tom told me that he booked this session as a gift to his wife for her birthday. I may be biased, but I can’t think of a better gift! We captured photos in their spacious living room which features two large picture windows looking out on their beautiful pine trees blanketed in fresh snow. Their charming Christmas tree is set just in front of the windows. The evening prior, while the boys were out of the house, Tom and Nicole meticulously stripped the tree. They removed all of the carefully placed ornaments to restring it matching lights. They redecorated the tree with their curated collection of ornaments, including many that the kids made by hand. Just check out this beautiful tree and family alongside it. I’d say they did a fabulous job! Pay special attention to Odin and Dane’s outfits. Sharp huh?!

McFarland Home Holiday Session_0003.jpg

McFarland Home Holiday Session_0004.jpg

During our session I captured a diverse range of photos where the boys had fun smiling at the camera, jumping up and down and, my favorite, zombie walking. I was charged with the task of getting a smile out of Dane, who is well known for his stoic look in photos. Odin on the other hand provided such good energy and assisted with getting a smile out his brother by standing behind me, sporting moose ears.

McFarland Home Holiday Session_0001.jpg
McFarland Home Holiday Session_0005.jpg

McFarland Home Holiday Session_0002.jpg

After we finished up, the family made holiday cutout cookies with grandma. That, to me, is the perfect way to spend a Saturday the weekend before Christmas!

Tom, Nicole, Odin and Dane,

Thank you for choosing me to photograph your session for you. It was wonderful meeting you all. Happy belated birthday to Nicole and happy holidays to all!


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Cozy Lifestyle Family Session

Welcome baby Beckett!

Cozy Lifestyle Family Session_0001

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Beckett William Mosser. He arrived about a month ago turning the Mosser party of 3 into a party of 4. If you’re a sports parent you know that also means switching from double coverage to man to man. In some respects all of your plays go right out the window and you’re back to the drawing board. The Mosser’s are certainly figuring it out and unlocking achievements along the way.

Cozy Lifestyle Family Session_0002
Cozy Lifestyle Family Session_0003
Cozy Lifestyle Family Session_0004

Whether baby Mosser #2 would be a boy or girl, Sara and Nate had no idea. This was the case as well with Mosser baby #1, Jackson. Sara and Nate agree that not knowing is “the one true surprise you can have in this world.” Jackson was certain he was getting a baby sister. When Beckett arrived, Sara and Nate were unsure what Jackson would think. To their surprise, Jackson was elated with his baby brother. He gives Beckett about a million kisses, gentle touches and cuddles each day. Jackson’s his biggest fan, that’s for certain. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was here photographing Jackson all swaddled up. It’s so sweet watching him be a big brother. Several times during our session, Jackson would get distracted. Every time he would calm back down for another photo he would give Beckett a snuggle or a kiss first.

Cozy Lifestyle Family Session_0005

Watching them grow up together will be such a joy for Sara and Nate. We are all sure that at some point there will be squabbles here and there, but I have no doubts that Jackson will continue to be a proud and caring big brother. They’ll share Paw Patrol, CoComelon, Bluey and The Grinch as well as the most loving parents. There will be beautiful chaos along the way and our session was a testament to that. We shared lots of laughs, side eye glances during the occasional meltdown and optimistic smiles, but all and all we had fun. Turns out, Jackson is the photography assistant that I didn’t know I needed!

Cozy Lifestyle Family Session_0006

Sara and Nate,

I love coming to Sheboygan to capture your sweet family! It’s always a joy to see you and spend a little time together. I can’t wait until we get all of our kiddos together.


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