Cozy Lifestyle Family Session

Welcome baby Beckett!

Cozy Lifestyle Family Session_0001

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Beckett William Mosser. He arrived about a month ago turning the Mosser party of 3 into a party of 4. If you’re a sports parent you know that also means switching from double coverage to man to man. In some respects all of your plays go right out the window and you’re back to the drawing board. The Mosser’s are certainly figuring it out and unlocking achievements along the way.

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Whether baby Mosser #2 would be a boy or girl, Sara and Nate had no idea. This was the case as well with Mosser baby #1, Jackson. Sara and Nate agree that not knowing is “the one true surprise you can have in this world.” Jackson was certain he was getting a baby sister. When Beckett arrived, Sara and Nate were unsure what Jackson would think. To their surprise, Jackson was elated with his baby brother. He gives Beckett about a million kisses, gentle touches and cuddles each day. Jackson’s his biggest fan, that’s for certain. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was here photographing Jackson all swaddled up. It’s so sweet watching him be a big brother. Several times during our session, Jackson would get distracted. Every time he would calm back down for another photo he would give Beckett a snuggle or a kiss first.

Cozy Lifestyle Family Session_0005

Watching them grow up together will be such a joy for Sara and Nate. We are all sure that at some point there will be squabbles here and there, but I have no doubts that Jackson will continue to be a proud and caring big brother. They’ll share Paw Patrol, CoComelon, Bluey and The Grinch as well as the most loving parents. There will be beautiful chaos along the way and our session was a testament to that. We shared lots of laughs, side eye glances during the occasional meltdown and optimistic smiles, but all and all we had fun. Turns out, Jackson is the photography assistant that I didn’t know I needed!

Cozy Lifestyle Family Session_0006

Sara and Nate,

I love coming to Sheboygan to capture your sweet family! It’s always a joy to see you and spend a little time together. I can’t wait until we get all of our kiddos together.


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Mayville, WI Farm Family Session

Sunday afternoon, I met Lisa, Tim and their lovely family out on a 190-acre Farm in Mayville, WI that’s been a part of Tim’s family for generations. We had a great time walking the land while taking photos along the way.

Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0003.jpg
Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0004.jpg
Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0005.jpg
Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0006.jpg

Tim shared the heritage of the farm as well as, how it came to expand and change over the years. Notably, during a Highway 33 re-routing project, the farm’s main house was demolished and rebuilt in a new location to make way for the where HWY 33 is presently. Today, across the highway from the farm, a telephone pole and a smokehouse stand as a reminder of where the family home once was. The smokehouse is used to this day to smoke delicious delicacies.

Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0008.jpg
Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0007.jpg
Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0009.jpg

While Tim was growing up, his father had bountiful, pristine rows of hay, corn and oats. The farm was also a home to 100+ cows. Though Tim’s parents still own and live on the farm they have scaled back some. The cattle were sold a couple years ago and much of the land is now rented to area farmers as they expand their crop. The buildings and pole barns are packed with campers and other items to be stored for winter.

As you can tell the Ravanelli Farm means something to a lot of people and is a big part of this family’s legacy.

Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0011.jpg
Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0010.jpg

Once a month, Lisa, Tim and the boys come out to the farm. They walk the land and enjoy some quality family time together. The farms’s atmosphere is so calming. It is the perfect place to get away from it all. Growing up, I loved the fast pace of life and thought that I always wanted a packed schedule. Now that I’ve gotten a bit older, I can truly appreciate the invaluable opportunities to slow down. This was one of them.

Aren’t these sneak peeks just perfection?!

Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0001.jpg
Mayville WI Farm Family Session_0002.jpg

Lisa, Tim & Family,

Thank you so much for sharing the farm with me. It was such a joy to be able to photograph your family at a place that you hold near and dear!


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