Pope Farm Conservancy Congrats Grad! Session

Graduating in Spring 2020 looked a little bit different than years past. For Kevin, this meant graduation being aired on TV rather than at The Kohl Center. Kevin watched, dressed in his gown, stole, cord and cap, from the couch at home along with his family. After, they celebrated his grand accomplishments and took photos together.


Naturally, the conversation turned to college.

He will be attending North Central College and will be playing soccer. When I asked Kevin when he plan to leave for college he calmly answered that he would be leaving tomorrow. Wait what?! Tomorrow! I responded. Yeah. He calmly replied. I was shocked! The day before I left for college was frantic! I couldn’t imagine being as cool, calm and collected as Kevin.

Kevin and I chatted about what college was gonna look like when he got there. He explained it would include a prompt Covid test followed by a quarantine in the dorm until his test results come back. After that things would get underway.

After the session he headed off to meet some friends during his final evening in town before heading off before for his freshman year of college.

As I drove home, I thought about the timing of our session and how this Congrats Grad! Session is the best way to close his high school chapter. It honors the time he spent there, all the hard work he completed as well as all the time spent on the JMM soccer team as a defensive player. Kevin put his gown on one more time and threw his cap with a smile on his face closing the door and what he’s already accomplished while opening a new one to what the future has in store.


Kevin, thank you so much for taking the time out of your last precious moments before you left for college to come and do some photos! I wish you all the best/ Have an amazing first year at college and everything to come. Go Cardinals!



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