Fall River, WI Family Session

I met Abby a few years ago when I started a new job. Working with Abby was such a joy! She has such a fun, bubbly personality and is one of those people that you can ask all the “stupid’ questions to and she will always answer nicely and informatively. She is an amazing teacher and has such a big heart. Through working together I had heard the sweetest stories about her and her husband, Matt, and their dog Oakley. I remember when they brought Blizzard home as a puppy! Let me tell you, that feels like yesterday but it was THREE years ago! Time sure flys.

I was honored when Abby asked me to do family photos for her, her husband and their fur babies. I love working with dogs, especially my own, and I know what a treasure it is to have a portrait of your pup that reminds you of exactly how they are. Their funky personality, their love for their frisbee, their unconditional love for their humans, all the things basically. I just love to capture that for clients. Now, don’t get me wrong, dogs are hard to get to pose and make look picture perfect which is why, I think, the best dog shots are captured when they are interacting, whether it’s with each other or with their mom and dad. We got so many good shots during our session. I mean, look at these!!!

Fall River WIFamily Session_0005.jpg
Fall River WIFamily Session_0004.jpg

During family sessions I love to get the couple alone for some sweet shots of just them. Especially during this season of pandemic and uncertainty it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day and I think we forget to take in all of the things that we are grateful for, especially our husbands or wives. It’s important to take the time to honor your commitment to one another and capture the memories to have to look back on, even during unpredictable seasons.

Fall River WIFamily Session_0001.jpg
Fall River WIFamily Session_0003.jpg
Fall River WIFamily Session_0006.jpg

I had so much fun with Abby and Matt in Fall River! If you haven’t been, I highly recommend taking a trip out to Fall River, WI. The colors were drop dead gorgeous and we had a perfect day for photos!

Fall River WIFamily Session_0002.jpg

Abby and Matt – It was an absolute pleasure to work with you both. Thank you for inviting me to your home to capture these beautiful photos!

All the best,

Want amazing photos like these?! Contact me here! Let’s schedule your session!

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