Madison, Wisconsin Engagement Session

Who would have thought that drinks at Oliver’s Public House would eventually lead to the perfect Sedona, AZ proposal and planning a wedding at one of your dream destinations, Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada?

Well, for Michelle and Brandt, it did and today I get to share their engagement session with you!

Madison, WI Engagement Session_0001.jpg

In the days leading up the photo session, both Michelle and I had been anxiously watching the weather wondering if we would get rained out. The day came and we moved the session up to beat the rain, ending up with the perfect weather. They were even able to bring their dogs, Kevin, Missy and Puggle, along! Together, we were able to walk around the Capitol, Monona Terrace and Vilas Park areas snapping these gorgeous images.

Madison, WI Engagement Session_0002.jpg
Madison, WI Engagement Session_0003.jpg
Madison, WI Engagement Session_0004.jpg

Now, I can’t tell you about their engagement session without telling you how they got engaged right?! Right!

Madison, WI Engagement Session_0006.jpg
Madison, WI Engagement Session_0005.jpg

Here’s how it all went down.

Michelle and Brandt spent a few days with Michelle’s family in Chicago. During their time there Brandt was able to get Michelle’s parents blessing to propose, while keeping his quickly approaching proposal plans under wraps.

The two headed out to seek warmer weather in Arizona on vacation with Brandt’s family. On the day of the proposal Brandt booked Michelle a manicure during which he rushed to the grocery store to buy champagne and charcuterie. After her manicure Michelle met up with Brandt and Brandt’s brother, Alex for a hike.

The hike! (wink, wink)

Madison, WI Engagement Session_0007.jpgMadison, WI Engagement Session_0008.jpg
Madison, WI Engagement Session_0009.jpg

Behind the scenes, Brandt had clued Alex into his plan so he could capture some photos and asked his mom to plan to have the champagne and charcuterie ready for when they returned. I’m sure she might have suspected something, but Brandt didn’t give away his intentions. Who knows? It could have been a late birthday celebration for Michelle…

Anyway, Brandt’s plan was to take Michelle to the top of Bell Rock, which if you’ve ever hiked in Arizona, it’s a feat! The final assent requires traversing an unmarked trail with a high degree of difficulty and utilizing ropes for the last 50 ft at a 90 degree climb!

They didn’t summit, but made it pretty close and decided that would be as far as they would go. Just then, with panoramic breathtaking views of Sedona Red Rock serving as the perfect backdrop, Brandt got down on one knee, removing the most exquisite ring from an Oral-B floss container (this little detail is super on-brand as Brandt is a dentist) and popped the question. Michelle was completely taken by surprise and answered Yes!

(If you’re wondering about the photographer, Alex, he captured some beautiful photos.)

They returned to celebrate with Brandt’s family and then a few days later they flew back to Chicago and got to celebrate with Michelle’s family before returning home.

Madison, WI Engagement Session_0010.jpg
Madison, WI Engagement Session_0011.jpg
Madison, WI Engagement Session_0012.jpg

How perfect is that!? Brandt – you did a stellar job! I love that you completely surprised Michelle, made sure her nails were perfect and were able to share this with both of your families!

Madison, WI Engagement Session_0013.jpg

Michelle and Brandt,

Congratulations and thank you for choosing me to capture your engagement photos. I had a great time during your session! I cannot wait to hear all about your wedding!


Want gorgeous images like these? Contact me! Let’s book your session.

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