Springtime Lifestyle Family Session

Junie is the sweetest *almost* one year old. I’m so excited to share some of the pictures of Junie and her family that we captured this past weekend. We had the most gorgeous weather for these spring photos.

I met Jamie, Peter and Junie through a referral by a mutual friend. They were looking to capture their daughters “newborn essence” and now it’s almost one year later and we are meeting again to capture Junie as a one year old. The math works out but, boy does time fly! Peter and Jamie chose an in home lifestyle session to celebrate one year of Juniper Luna. My favorite part about photographing in a family’s home is that the possibilities are endless. The best activities to capture are ones that are done every single day.

Junie is vibrant, happy, curious and a joy to be around. Junie’s first word is “hi” and one of her favorite things to do during the day is sit on the front porch with her parents greeting everyone that passes by. She has such a bubbly personality that spreads pure joy to anyone within sight of her cute two-tooth smile.

We started our session in her room chasing little rainbows all over the room which were being continuously produced by her hanging window crystal. It was magical. See if you can spot some of them in the earlier photos.

Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0001.jpg
Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0002.jpg
Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0003.jpg
Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0005.jpg
Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0004.jpg

From there we tried to take photos with Chloe the kitty but she preferred a solitary nap. We hung out outside by the family’s new lilac bush, searched for the most perfect river stones to touch and took a few photos along the way. We then moved inside to take some photos of Junie reading books and playing with her toys.

Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0006.jpg
Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0007.jpg
Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0008.jpg

We finished the session with Juniper’s first cupcake, a lovely creation from Batch Bakery! If you’re local then you know that Jamie and Peter picked the best! Junie was a little skeptical at first, carefully sampling one sprinkle at a time with the occasional finger tip of frosting before ultimately breaking into it. Safe to say, she loved it! It was a joy for me to capture!

Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0009.jpg
Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0010.jpg
Springtime Lifestyle Family Session_0011.jpg

Jamie, Peter & Junie,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this session for you. I had such a great time hanging out with you in your lovely home! Junie is the sweetest little


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