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When in Rome [for Friendsgiving]

When I say Rome, I am sure you immediately think of Italy, but did you know that there is a Rome in Wisconsin?

In fact there is. Rome is a town in Adams County Wisconsin where my husband, Brent and I own our second home.

Brent and I have been hard at work doing some sprucing up in the kitchen and there no better way to break all those new appliances in than to host a party right?!


We hosted 2 other couples who are some of our best friends for a Friendsgiving celebration. A little history on how this came to be – I have known Cayla and Tina for YEARS, we go all the way back to middle school and freshman year of high school!! We have stayed in touch through several years and through us living in different parts of the world. During these many years all of us have met our significant others and we have all became friends and closer because of it.

Theres no better way to go through life than with your best friends by your side (whether you are a thousands of miles away from each other or you are all in the same city) and that’s why Friendsgiving is so important to me! Friendsgiving is a time to reflect on and celebrate all of the time we have spent together, the memories that we have made, how we have grown and the family that we have chosen in each other outside of our traditional families. Also, there’s great food!

The Menu

Smoked Turkey and Gravy {made by Brent}
Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Cruncheties {made by Jen}
Duck Fat Stuffing with Venison {Crafted by Logan}
Cranberries with Cinnamon, Star Anise and lots of other amazingness {Crafted by Logan, simmered and stirred by Tina}
Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Carrots and Broccoli {prepped by Alex, roasted by Cayla}
Pumpkin pie and Door Country Cherry Pie {picked out by Cayla}
Flaky Layered Buns {baked by Tina}

Now let me introduce you to these amazing couples!
(I’ll try to keep it brief)


Cayla and Alex are recently married as of this summer!!!! Both just moved from the East Coast to Madison WI, where it all began for Cayla, Tina and I. They have the cutest apartment and are so sweet together.
Alex is the man you want all of your best girl friends to find but sorry ladies he is taken!
Cayla is sweet, fun and a little sassy (a recent charades submission of hers was “sexy Santa lingerie” – fair warning for if you ever get into a game with her.)


Tina and Logan are recently engaged as of this summer!!!! Wedding date TBD. Together they are the sweetest couple, they have an emoji language between the two of them and are referred to by many as “The Boos”
Logan just graduated as a Master Gardener and is a phenomenal cook! Tina is one of the most positive and miraculous people I know. She is kind, humble and the best type of friend a girl could wish for!


And last but not least I should probably talk about the man I am so thankful for, especially this year, and that’s my husband, Brent. While at the table Saturday night he stated that he was thankful that the Green Bay Packers are 8 and 2 and I said I was thankful for him. He has been here through the craziest year we could have imagined and we are getting through it together like I knew we would. Love you babe!



Stay tuned for more!



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