Vilas Park Family Session

Sunday afternoon was the perfect time for a snowy session at Vilas park! This amazing mother-daughter duo came out, along with Max, the adorable fur baby, for a fun family photo session. We had so much fun taking photos on the beautiful bridges that the park has to offer. I am so excited to share the photos, but I can’t quite yet (they are being used for gifts, shhhhh!).

[Stay tuned for my fave photos to be added after the holidays]

Let me tell you a little about Rachel, Stella, and Max. They are the sweetest family!

I met Rachel through work a few years ago and she taught me the way of the cast tech (insert Star Wars sounds here). Rachel makes every day fun, whether its at work or not. She has an infectious smile and laugh! She is there for you when you need advice or if you just need to chat for a sec. She is always down for a quick trip to peruse the gift shop for the newest additions – something I am also into. She is the best teacher, the coolest mom and also a published author of a children’s book that will bring tears to your eyes, guaranteed!

Rach — I miss working with you everyday, any chance you want to transfer to my location? Haha

I met Stella three years ago and its been so sweet to be able to watch her grow into the miraculous lady she is becoming! She has overcome many obstacles since I have known her and takes on these challenges with a sensible mind and a smile. She is wise beyond her years and is the nicest person that anyone would be lucky to call a friend. She is learning to drive and has already been told by her instructor that she is a great driver (no surprise there). She is back to basketball this season and is crushing it!

Stella – I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments and I cannot wait for what the future has in store for you!

While I have only officially known Max since Sunday, I can tell you he is a sweet and loyal little lover of a dog. He toughed it out during our session though it was a bit colder out than he would prefer. I could not resist and had to share the cuteness with you all. As you can see by his stance, he takes his title as man of the house very seriously!


Rachel, Stella and Max – it was such a pleasure taking these photos and I cannot wait to show them off! (after the holidays of course) It was so great to spend some time with you all!


I am so excited that I can finally share these sneak peeks!!! Enjoy!




Stay tuned for more!


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