Sun Prairie, WI Newborn Lifestyle Session

I did my first in-home newborn lifestyle session last weekend and I am in LOVE!!!!

I met Amy and Josh through mutual friends years ago when we were all still in undergrad. These two are the nicest, most chill, happiest, sweetest couple ever! I had the pleasure of shooting my first maternity session this past October with them! I mean come on, look how sweet they are!


Fun fact about this cute family: Mom, Dad and baby Carson all celebrate their birthdays in January with dates only a few days apart! When Amy and Josh told me when they were due and that there was a very real chance that one of them could share a birthday with baby I was so blown away! How amazing would it be to share your birthday with your child !? Well baby Carson came at the perfect time (after his due date) – smack dab in-between Dad and Mom’s birthdays!

I had so much fun shooting this newborn session with Amy, Josh and Carson! Between shots I made sure to get as much advice as I could from Amy and Josh about being first time parents. Amy’s biggest piece of advice, which I wholeheartedly appreciated, was to take the help! Don’t be afraid to meet with with a lactation consultant if you plan to breastfeed right away, ask all your questions and don’t feel bad for needing help! To me this is so eye opening! Having not had kids yet I don’t know what to expect. I know that I’ll want to know everything there is to know in advance but the reality is I won’t (that’s an impossible expectation) and I’ll have to ask for help and that’s okay!

Along with the session I got a tour of their house (which is so awesome!) and in the basement were so many boxes of diapers! Seeing this I asked Josh how many diapers baby goes through in a day. His answer: “A lot!”

Everyone please give a warm welcome to baby Carson!! He is the sweetest baby and has a head of hair that grown men will fawn over! Don’t let it fool you! He was 12 days old when these were taken! Part way through the session Amy leaned over and said to me, “you’re only going to want to do newborn photos after this.” I have to tell you, she might be right 😉.


Amy and Josh – Thank you so much for inviting me over to capture these beautiful photos! I had so much fun at your maternity session and I am so grateful that you contacted me to do a newborn lifestyle session too!! ❤️

Stay tuned for more!


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