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Black Lives Matter

Hey Y’all, 

It’s been on my heart to write something regarding Black Lives Matter and all that has been going on in America recently. I spent much of last week taking a social media posting break. I have been reading the many great resources educating us on these issues and trying to understand something I can never fully understand as a white female. 

As a small business owner, my goal is to love and serve all my clients as best as I am able. That statement is inclusive of EVERYONE! I understand the power of speech and the necessity to avoid silence on the issue of racism, police brutality and oppression. Through I am worried I may say the wrong thing I believe that that fear cannot keep me from speaking out against these issues or I am condoning the behavior. By speaking out, even if I say the wrong thing, I know that opens up a dialogue and allows others to educate me so that I can be better and do better. I accept that I will never completely understand but I want to make it clear that I will stand and fight with you. 

Black Lives Matter. I don’t know about you but I hold America to very high standards and it tears me up that the basic HUMAN RIGHT of equality is not a reality in the year 2020. I cannot accept that as a nation we have made so many advancements yet this widespread inequity remains. It is not acceptable. 

Recently I had a conversation with my dad and extremely wise younger brother. My dad is a great man that grew up in a different time. He feels that racism is wrong but feels powerless compared to the problem. My brother and I feel differently. It is our absolute duty to change this. My dad is right that no one human can change this but together we can!

We need to continue to expose these issues, talk about them, voice our opinions, offer support, lead by example, learn and educate to affect change. One common goal that I believe is shared by generations past and present is the desire to BE BETTER and to do that we need to continue! 

“What Matters is a salve and a safe place where we can connect, learn, think freely, and transform the world.” Take the time right now to explore https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-matters-2020/. This is an excellent resource filled with bountiful information and ways we can all help and do better. 

I would like to provide photography services in a way to positively affect change. If there is anything I can do please let me know, whether that is donating my time or services for the cause please reach out to me. If you know anyone in need of photography services that support this movement please direct them my way. 

Black Lives Matter. 


Jen DuBois 

Owner & Photographer 

J.Kellerhuis Photography 

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