Taylor and Aaron walking together hand and hand in front of their new home.

Kettle Pond Conservation Park Couples Session

Taylor and Aaron are one of the sweetest couples I know. They are kind, caring and respectful of one another and they compliment each other very well. I first met Taylor through one of my best high school friends a few years ago and then Aaron later. One of my fondest memories was a party that Aaron threw for Taylor for her 23rd birthday, which I was lucky enough to be invited to. It was in a private upstairs space above a bar reserved for the party only with our own bartender! I remember being at that party thinking – wow, Aaron is definitely a keeper and how do I get my man to throw me a party like that!

Fun fact: Taylor and Aaron were my first clients. Two years ago they booked me for their ENGAGEMENT SESSION!!! Needless to say I was a little nervous. When Taylor reached out to me asking I specifically remember telling them that they were not allowed to pay me until they saw the photos and if they decided to redo the session with another photographer I would not be offended because I was so new. Being the kind, understanding people that they are they both reassured me that they would love to have me do their photos. Heck at the session I was visibly nervous and Aaron calmly reassured me that this was going to be great without ever seeing any of my past work (because there was none), I mean, how amazing is that!!!?? The session was spectacular. We spent the afternoon together at a lush apple orchard complete with grape vines, 80+ degree temps and all the mosquitos. Taylor and Aaron posed in various locations around the venue I took hundreds of photos. We almost traversed into a very swampy area to shoot by some willow trees but decided that it wasn’t worth it with nice clothing on. We laughed so much and I smiled so much seeing them together that my cheeks were sore after. I learned so much at that session and honestly, if Taylor and Aaron weren’t so nice and accommodating who knows if I would be where I am today. I am so grateful that they took a chance on me then.

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Fast forward to this past weekend.

Taylor and Aaron recently purchased and moved into their first house together!! They have been married for about a year and wanted to get some photos done to celebrate their new home and upcoming anniversary.

I met them at their home to take some photos there and at a park near to their home. And, you guys, their home is so cute! The landscaping is gorgeous, they have a large flowering tree out front and so many lovely plants! They also have the cutest front porch where they have a small modern gas fire pit table – which they roast marshmallows on together. Melt my heart! How sweet is that?!


Since moving into their new home in February they have been working on some indoor home projects, planting, landscaping, grass growing and rehoming a litter of baby raccoons after their mother did not return. We both agreed that with new homes the list is never-ending but the journey is so rewarding.

Shortly after they moved in the COVID 19 pandemic swept the globe and their home became both of their offices as well. During the days together they would go on walks around their neighborhood and through the conservancy that their home backs up to. It is truly an oasis back there! The conservancy served as the backdrop for many of our photos and you would never know that we are in the city only a few hundred yards from their house. It is absolutely the most beautiful get away to go and clear your mind and relax.


During our jaunt through the park, Taylor and Aaron shared with me that they have taken up bird watching and consider themselves amateur birders. During our session Aaron casually identified a cat bird by its call which to me is hardly amateur and frankly impressive. We also saw so many gorgeous wildflowers in bloom and some giant hogweed. Walking by it I felt as though I was in Alice and Wonderland during the time she has shrunk and is meeting with the flowers. There also were so many little nooks and hideaways that were perfect for photos!


Taylor and Aaron, once again, thank you so much for choosing me to capture these beautiful images for you! I cannot wait to get together this summer (at a safe social distance of course).


Stay tuned for more!

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