Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session

I’m so excited to share this Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session with you today! For our session we started at Pam’s lovely home. Let me tell you, we could not have picked a better day for this session. We had sun and record high temps here in the midwest which was perfect for backyard and neighborhood photos! When I got there I was immediately met with cuddles and love from Thor while Pam and I caught up a bit. Honestly it was the best way to begin our session! It has been way too long since we have all gotten together.

Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0027.jpg
Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0028.jpg
Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0029.jpg

I met Pam a couple years ago after she moved back to Madison and began working at the same healthcare organization I work for. When we met both of us were thinking of adopting dogs but were waiting for the right time and the right fur baby. In mid November 2017, Brent and I adopted Milly, our hound mix. A few short months later Pam adopted Thor, a great dane, lab mix. We were both chatting and realized that our dogs have birthdays one day apart in June so naturally we threw them the best joint birthday play date! Milly wore a cute birthday bandana and Thor wore a bow tie. It was so sweet! Though Milly is quite a bit smaller than Thor she loved him right away, which is a bit unusual for her but it speaks to how sweet Thor is. Just look at that face!!!!

Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0031.jpg
Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0030.jpg
Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0032.jpg

Thor is a gentle giant. He sleeps with his head on a pillow, occasionally cuddling his favorite stuffed toy and puts himself to bed at night. Awwww, how cute is that?!!!

The backyard is Thor’s place. He loves hanging out watching runners, walkers and bikers on the near by bike path. He even will occasionally hop up on the fence to get a closer look at a passerby.

Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0034.jpg
Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0035.jpg
Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0036.jpg

Towards the end of the session we took him out for a walk to get some photos at a near by Madison mural and I am so glad we did!

Madison Fur Baby Lifestyle Session_0037.jpg


Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this session for you. You are the best dog mama and its so fun to capture photos of you and Thor! It was so great to catch up, I cannot believe its been so long! I cant wait for you to see the rest of these. I hope your love the sneak peeks as much as I do, which is a lot!


Want gorgeous images like these? Contact me! Let’s book YOUR session!

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