Token Creek Extended Family Session

I’m so excited to share this Token Creek County Park Extended Family Session with you today!

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I’ve known the Conway family a long time. I met Cayla in middle school and we have been best friends since. I have such fond memories of hanging out at Cayla’s house. One time in particular where Cayla, her older sister Mandy and I – along with some other friends worked tirelessly on a music video to Brittany Spears “Toxic.” Pretty sure Mandy was our lead dancer in the video. It’s safe to say it would have been viral on TikTok (if we had it growing up). In all seriousness I think we all hope that that video has been taped over or lost by now.

Token Creek Extended Family Session_0021.jpg

First, let’s talk about the couple that made this whole session possible. Jeri and John.

Token Creek Extended Family Session_0022.jpg
Token Creek Extended Family Session_0025.jpg

Jeri and John, Cayla and Mandy’s parents, are the sweetest couple. All that they have built together is simply incredible and it was so fun to see during their session. The love they share is evident when looking at them with their beautiful girls, son-in-laws and their three, soon to be five, grandchildren. Life, no doubt, is chaotic, full of highs and lows, but the two of them got through it all together. Now the greatest gift they get to share. They get to see their kiddos as parents and talk about the things that parents talk about. They get to share their experiences from when they were first parents with their daughters and let me tell you from my experiences – those stories hit different when you are a parent too. They get to spoil their grandkids, soak in all the hugs and cuddles and play all the games. Then at the end of the day, they get to be themselves together in a home that they raised their two successful girls in and enjoy each other. It’s beautiful.

Token Creek Extended Family Session_0023.jpg

I remember for homecoming one year we got ready at Cayla’s and Mandy did our hair. I think it was the first time I had ever had my hair curled or hairspray in it. I still remember feeling so special that Mandy, Cayla’s cool older sister, did my hair. I cant even remember what dress I wore or the dance itself but I know my hair was perfect. Now Mandy is married to Scott. They have two cute, energetic, happy little dudes, RJ and Tommy and are expecting twin girls in the fall!

Token Creek Extended Family Session_0024.jpg

The memories with Cayla are too many to count and I’m so grateful for all of them. We’ve been on a lot of adventures. My favorite though has to be the one we are on now. She and I got pregnant around the same time and had our girls earlier this year. Its been so amazing, I really cant even explain how much so, to be a new mom with my best friend and for our husbands to get to be new dads together. Cayla, Alex and Norah are just the sweetest growing fam and I love getting to spend time with them and raise our girls together.

Token Creek Extended Family Session_0026.jpg

Our session was so fun, we had gorgeous weather and the littles crushed it. Turns out RJ is a pro at Simon Says and Tommy says “CHEESE!” with the most enthusiasm I have ever seen! Of course, Norah was the sweetest little lady.

Token Creek Extended Family Session_0027.jpg
Token Creek Extended Family Session_0028.jpg

Jeri and John, Mandy and Scott, Cayla and Alex,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this session for you. I had such a great time!

All my love,

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