Token Creek Twin Family Photo Session

Welcome Hannah and Madilynn!

Twin Family Session_0011.jpg
Twin Family Session_0010.jpg
Twin Family Session_0009.jpg

I met Jess though work a few years ago. She and my husband actually went to college together. It’s a small world for Athletic Trainers, let me tell ya.

In May, Jess and her husband Dave just welcomed their twin girls, Madilynn and Hannah. These girls are the most precious babies. During our session they were so sweet and cooperative. We took breaks here and there but I was so impressed by them, not to mention their parents!

Twin Family Session_0001.jpg
Twin Family Session_0002.jpg
Twin Family Session_0003.jpg

Jess and Dave make such an awesome team which was evident during our time together and I know I only got to see a snippet of their life together with their girls. I have no doubts that they are totally crushing it. During family sessions I love to get some photos of just mom and dad. When we start it always feels kinda like engagement photos but when you get into it, it’s so different. Think of all that’s happened since you got engaged. These two got married, pregnant with twins and delivered these sweet little angels into the world. It’s really astonishing.

Twin Family Session_0012.jpg
Twin Family Session_0013.jpg

Jess is an absolutely radiant rockstar twin mama. Seeing her with her girls lights my soul on fire. Just look at her infectious smile in these beautiful images. Dave is a cool dad for sure – guys he wore ostrich boots to the session! Photographing new dads with their babies has to be one of my favorite things because you can see a whole new side of them. For Dave there’s a softness that comes out when he’s holding his girls and it’s so sweet to see.

Twin Family Session_0008.jpg

Twin Family Session_0007.jpg

Having a baby and becoming a parent is overwhelming in every imaginable way. There’s, no doubt, going to be days where you feel like you got it and days that are full of chaos along with those incredibly humbling moments. I don’t think any parent would trade that for the world. I now understand what people mean when they talk about beautiful chaos.

Twin Family Session_0004.jpg
Twin Family Session_0005.jpg
Twin Family Session_0006.jpg

Jess & Dave,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this session for you. I had such a great time with you! Madilynn and Hannah are absolutely gorgeous and it was so nice to photograph you all together as the sweet family you are.

A very special thank you to Kim, Jess’s mama, who came along to help behind the scenes during the session. It was so nice having you there!


Want gorgeous images like these? Contact me! Let’s book YOUR session!

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