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Marshall, WI Fall Family Session

Getting together for The Savignac’s yearly family photo shoot is always a fun time. We have the best location that we meet up at in their town of Marshall, WI. Brittany and Zach are the nicest, most chill, down-to-earth parents ever. Their two boys, Hudson and Braden, are so fun! They both did such an excellent job following directions as we ventured all over the place, checking out all the paths and open areas.

Marshall WI Fall Family Session_0002.jpg

Braden is now walking, well actually he runs – quite quickly might I add. He was so cute and shy during our session, but as it went on I could tell he has a wild side, for sure! During pictures with his brother they both had lots of fun and I got to see Braden’s confident smile.

Marshall WI Fall Family Session_0004.jpg
Marshall WI Fall Family Session_0003.jpg
Marshall WI Fall Family Session_0005.jpg

Hudson is now in school and this kiddo is smart! He is probably going to be an architect or work for NASA when he gets older. As we walked between locations, I struck up a casual conversation with him about how school was going. He said it was going good. Brittany asked him to tell me about the shapes that he is learning.

J: “That’s awesome Hudson, what shapes do you know?”

(Meanwhile in my head I’m thinking about shapes and what I can bring to this conversation. I was all ready to discuss squares, circles, rectangles, ovals, triangles – you know? Shapes.)

H: “Parallelogram”

J: “uhhh what?!” (Stunned, looking at Brittany and Zach)

H: “Rhombus. Trapezoid. Octagon. Pentagon.”

J: “Stop signs are octagons. The Pentagon is a building.”

I was clearly not prepared for this conversation. Haha

We had a great time during our session. In the days leading up to it Brittany and I worried that the weather that day would not cooperate. Thankfully, it did and I captured some gorgeous photos with beautiful fall colors in the background.

Marshall WI Fall Family Session_0007.jpg
Marshall WI Fall Family Session_0006.jpg
Marshall WI Fall Family Session_0008.jpg

For me, the best moment came at the end when we were getting in our cars and Hudson says “Bye Jen, see you next time!” (He may or may not have been coached by Zach but it melted my heart and is literally the best thing a photographer can hope to hear.) Maybe I’ll get to shoot his senior photos in 14 years or so.

Marshall WI Fall Family Session_0009.jpg

Brittany and Zach,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this session for you year after year. I had such a great time with you and its so fun seeing your family grow! Thank you also to Hudson and Braden for being so sweet during the session.


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