Maywood Environmental Park Family Session

I’m so excited to share this Maywood Environmental Park Family Session with you today! We could not have asked for better fall weather. Partly sunny and sixties is almost unheard of in Wisconsin at this time of year. The trees were even sporting their gorgeous fall coloring still! Now, I don’t want to think about what winter will bring — if you are from or have lived in the state of Wisconsin you know what I mean — but I know that I am loving this weather right now!

Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0011.jpg
Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0012.jpg

Hanging with the Mosser’s is always sure to be a good time complete with lots of laughs and this one was no different. Sara and I went to undergrad together at UW Oshkosh. Recently one of my memories on Facebook popped up featuring Sara, it was ten years ago. (I may officially be old now that I can discuss a memory from undergrad that was ten years ago but whatever.) It was a photo that Sara took of me sitting on her kitchen floor, opening a wine bottle with a pliers and a corn cob holder – we were super resourceful haha. This story is similar to many we share together. I am so grateful for all the experiences we have shared and her friendship through the years.

Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0013.jpg
Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0014.jpg

During our session, we wandered around the park finding all the best spots for photos. Jackson did so well, especially considering he was sick the week leading up to our session, had a slumber party the night before and we scheduled the session on daylight savings. Nate showed off the most phenomenal turkey noise and it definitely got the smiles from Jackson. I will admit that I missed Jackson’s first couple smiles because I was so caught off guard by the variety of noises that Nate is able to create. I tried several times to replicate it but fell short. It’s now on my list of things to learn.

Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0015.jpg
Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0016.jpg

Sara & Nate,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture these family photos for you. I had such a great time with you and, as always, our time together was too short! We definitely need to plan a time to get together – maybe a weekend up North or something – where our families can hang out, the kids can play and we can drink wine and chat.


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